Levittown Bristol Kiwanis

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Pennsylvania Kiwanis Hero In Service

                               Thomas Robinson from the

Levittown Bristol Kiwanis Club

Tom was a dedicated Kiwanian for just under 17 years when he passed away this May. 

He was an ideal Kiwanis member, not only bringing new members to the club, but a mentor to every person who walked through the Kiwanis doors.  Tom had perfect attendance for 14 years and participated in every project that the Levittown Bristol Kiwanis club had.  Tom loved interclubbing within the Division and surrounding clubs in New Jersey.  Most of all Tom enjoyed attending District, International and Regional conferences and conventions so that he could meet new people, bring back ideas and create enthusiasm for Kiwanis.

Tom’s typical Kiwanis year began with selling dozens of roses to his friends and neighbors.  Tom would join other Kiwanians from Division 21 to make boxes and fill those boxes with 100s of dozens of roses, before delivering his own.  In November, Tom would start securing a flatbed truck, and then help decorate the Kiwanis Float for the annual town Christmas Parade.  This parade would kick off the Levittown Bristol Annual Give-a-Christmas Fund.  After riding on the Kiwanis float, Tom would begin his daily Kiwanis job, the Give-a-Christmas Fund.  Tom would distribute request forms to the 10 school districts in Lower Bucks County.  He would then return to collect the forms, and read through those forms to help decide who would be eligible to receive vouchers.  Tom would also empty the PO Box and begin reading the hundreds of letters from the needy in the Bucks County Area.  When the vouchers were ready to be distributed Tom would return once again to the schools to deliver them, and would begin the task of stuffing envelopes with vouchers for those in the community in need.  Through the month of January Tom would be giving a Christmas to those who might not have one!  In early Spring Tom began securing fruit donations for our runners in the Annual Kiwanis Courier Sesame Classic.  Tom would once again begin emptying the PO Box of registrations and donations for the annual run.  On the morning of the run he would be the first one at Sesame Place to direct traffic to the areas for parking and registration.  Tom actively participated in the Girl Scout Leaders Recognition Ceremony, Levittown Bristol Prayer Breakfast, Peanut Week, Radio Circus and the Glenside Kiwanis Special Athletes Basketball Tournament.  Tom helped to clean highways and parks, he honored outstanding students and athletes from local schools, and hosted and cooked at a Barbecue for the American Red Cross Homeless Shelter. 

Tom was a George F. Hixson Fellow, Levittown Bristol Kiwanian of the Year, and Division 21 Kiwanian of the Year.  No job was too big or too small for this outstanding member.  Tommy was very proud of his membership in Kiwanis and promoted and lived all of Kiwanis goals.

Tom was an active member of his Church, the House of Prayer, where he served as a trustee on the usher board.  He was also a member of the Bloomsdale/Fleetwing Town Watch and Weed and Seed Program of Bristol, a program that aims to prevent, control, and reduce violent crimes, drug abuse and gang activity in the community.  Tom especially loved his job as a crossing guard for the students at the local elementary school.  People in the community would drive by and beep their horn to their favorite guard and protector of their children.

The Levittown Bristol Kiwanis Club was honored and blest to have Tommy as a member for 17 years, because he showed each and every one of them how to live the Objects of Kiwanis by the way he lived.  Tom truly lived as a Kiwanis Hero each and every day through his dedication to the community, both personally and professionally.


Resume of Hero:

Thomas "Tommy" Robinson II was a resident of Levittown when he passed away. 

He received his education in the Bensalem School District and graduated from Bensalem High School.

Tom had seven children whom he made very active in Kiwanis by bringing them to service projects and interclubs. 

Tom was very active in the Levittown Bristol Kiwanis Club from December, 1992.  He served in many leadership roles including the Board of Directors and Club President 2003-2004, interclub chairmen.  Tom was named Levittown Bristol Kiwanian of the Year and Division 21 Kiwanian of the Year 2005-2006.  Tom had 14 years of perfect attendance. 

Tom retired from the U.S. Army in 1963 and the Army National Guard as a chef.  After retiring from Owens Illinois Paper Co., Total Warehouse and Bristol Township School District, Tom was a Crossing Guard for the local elementary school.

The Robinson family accepts Tom's Hero in Service Award